I'm stuck at "waiting for you..." How do I get past step 2?

Is this your situation? You're stuck at the "waiting for you..." step 2 of http://twinesetup.com, even though you've:

  • disconnected all network cables and other network connections
  • stayed connected to the \||| Twine wireless access point

If you have manually entered DNS servers (such as Google Public DNS), temporarily disable them during setup. This disrupts your browser's ability to recognize that it's connected to your Twine's network.

If that isn't your situation, here's a workaround so you can get your Twine up and running in the meantime. While you're connected to the \||| Twine access point, follow these steps:

  1. Load http://twinesetup.com/gainspan/profile/tls/config and copy the text you see into an email to help@supermechanical.com so that we can register your Twine to your account. Also include your operating system version and browser to assist us in tracking down the problem.
  2. Reload http://twinesetup.com. You will see a bright green settings page.
  3. Select "Wireless and Network Configuration".
  4. Select "Select an Existing Network"
  5. You should see a list of all the nearby networks to join. Select yours.
  6. Enter your passphrase and any other necessary information, and select "Next".
  7. Select "Save And Apply".
  8. Wait for us to register your Twine - we'll send you a response when it's ready to go.