Network doesn't show in step 3 of setup

Is this your situation? Your network doesn't show up on Step 3 of Twine Setup

Here's a workaround so you can get your Twine up and running. While you're connected to the ||| Twine access point, follow these steps:

  1. Load and copy the text you see into an email to so that we can register your Twine to your account. Also include your operating system version and browser to assist us in tracking down the problem.
  2. Reload You will see a bright green settings page.
  3. Select "Wireless and Network Configuration".
  4. Select "Manual Configuration"
  5. Enter your wireless network's information, and select "Next".
  6. Select "Save And Apply".
  7. Wait for us to register your Twine - we'll send you a response when it's ready to go.