Setup troubleshooting

How will I know when my Twine is up and running? Check your Twine account at If you see a Twine connected, you’re all set!

Why don't I see my Twine after setup? When you see the light pulsing on your Twine, it means Twine is trying to connect to your network. If the light blinks quickly 3 times, setup wasn’t successful. If that happens, there are two options:
1. Wait for Twine to reconnect on its own. Twine will try to connect every 2 hours.
2. Double check your Wi-Fi password and go to to enter it again. Without the right password, Twine won’t be able to connect.

Does Twine work with my Wi-Fi router? Twine works with most home Wi-Fi routers. We recommend the Linksys E1200.

Twine uses 802.11b (at 2.5GHz) — your router will need to have support for this turned on.

Security methods that are supported include WPA/WPA2 personal, WEP, and open. If you’re using Twine in a business, it doesn’t work with routers that are configured for WPA2 Enterprise.

To use Twine with a hidden network, your Twine needs to be running firmware 2.0 and radio May 24 2013 or later.

Twine can get confused by extended/bridged networks, where multiple routers have the same network name. Try creating a second network ("Enable Guest Network" in Airport Utility) on your main router for Twine to connect to.

To communicate with the internet. Twine needs to be able to get through on UDP port 32887 and TCP port 32888 outbound. Please check your firewall settings on your router and any other upstream filters that may be in place.