What do the light's blinking patterns mean?

In combination with our website, the LED on your Twine helps communicate what state it's in. Here's a brief summary:

No light - normal operation. Most of the time, your Twine’s light will be off as it helps your battery last as long as possible. Of course, there will also be no light if your Twine's batteries are dead, but you'll get an email warning before that happens. (Another good clue is if the website says your Twine hasn't been heard from for a while.)

Solid - in access point mode. Go to http://twinesetup.com to proceed with network configuration or set right side up to get Twine to connect to the network and resume normal operation.

Steady pulsing - attempting to connect to the network.

3 quick flashes - the connection has failed. Often this is because the network name/password don't match — you can turn Twine over to put it back in setup mode. If you do nothing, it will try again in two hours