How rules work

Rules are how your Twine connects your world to your technology. You can tell Twine what to do with rules like "WHEN the orientation is front-side up, THEN email me."

Let’s say you want to get an email when the temperature rises above 80º.
First, click on the "Add Rule" button.
Click the “Add a Condition” button, and choose “Temperature” from the drop down menu. Select the “Rises Above” option, and set the temperature to 80º.
Click “Add an action”, and select email from the drop down menu. Enter your email address and a message.
To save your rule to Twine, click on "Save to Twine".
You’ll have to flip your Twine over or wait for your Twine to connect to our servers, and then Twine will tell you what’s going on in your world!
Remember: Your Twine has a rate limit of 30 notifications (emails, text messages, HTTP calls, etc.) per hour.

How the rule options work:
A rule triggers only at the point when a value is crossed — for example, at the moment that the temperature goes from below 80ºF to above 80ºF.
The "trigger after X seconds" is the amount of time that the condition has to be met (the temperature must stay above 80ºF for X seconds) before it runs the actions.
If there are more than one actions in one rule, Twine treats them as an AND. You’ll only be notified when all conditions are met simultaneously.
The "untrigger" value is the amount of time your Twine needs to be in a different state before your rule can be triggered again. If you have a rule setup to notify you when your Twine is top side up with a 30 second untrigger value, your Twine will need to be in a state other than top side up for more than 30 seconds.