Power: frequently asked questions

How does my Twine get power? Use two (2) AAA alkaline batteries to provide power to your Twine, or a micro USB power adapter such as many cell phones use. Twine wasn't designed with rechargeable batteries in mind, so with rechargables your battery life will vary and the low battery email may not be sent at the appropriate time (your mileage may vary).

How long can I expect my battery to last? Your battery life will depend on how often Twine sends you a message, how often you update it, and the quality of your batteries. Our tests currently estimate that Twine, running firmware 2.0 and radio May 24 2013, will last 60 days on good alkaline batteries.

How will I know if my Twine is about to lose power? Twine knows when it’s running out of power, and it will send you an email about 5 days before you need to change the battery.

How can I extend the battery life of my Twine? Twine currently runs 60 days on fresh alkaline AAA batteries (when running firmware 2.0 and radio May 24 2013), but if you want to extend that time, there are two things you can do:
1. Set all your rules at once. Changing rules often requires more frequent Twine updates.
2. When you don’t need Twine to be portable, plug it into a micro USB charger. Just about any micro USB power supply will work. This won’t charge Twine, but it will stop it from using battery power.