Static IP for Twine


Some users are having trouble maintaining reliable connections even when using the Nov. 15 firmware release. This note explains how to set your Twine to use a static IP address, which seems to help this issue. (Side note: if you're having connection issues and don't have a firmware version later than Nov. 15 --- please email us.)


WIth the Nov. 15th and later firmware versions, when connected Twine checks its link is good every 45 seconds. If the link has failed, it attempts to re-associate with the wireless network (pulsing light). On occasion this re-association attempt fails, usually due to DHCP issues with Apple Airport routers. If the re-association fails, Twine waits 120 minutes before re-trying in order to prevent excessive power consumption during legitimate network outages. We are currently working on a more sophisticated re-association algorithm to handle these issues, but in the meantime we have found that giving Twine a static IP can mitigate these issues.


  1. Determine a suitable static IP address for your Twine, along with your netmask, default gateway, and DNS server

  2. Put your Twine into setup mode (solid light). If your Twine is already disconnected, simply flip it on its back. If your Twine is connected and you still want to do this, remove power, wait five seconds, re-add power, and then flip your Twine while the LED is pulsing.

  3. Connect to the ||| Twine wireless network.

  4. Go to after connecting to the network. You should see some very green web pages.

  5. Click Wireless and Network Configuration-->Select an Existing Network

  6. Click the Select button next to your network.

  7. Enter your network security information and then click the Advanced Options check box.

  8. Click Static IP Address Configuration and then fill in the remaining fields with the information from step 1.

  9. Click Next.

  10. Verify your settings and then click Save and Apply. The LED should begin pulsing and then extinguish after several seconds.

  11. Reconnect to your normal wireless network and visit to verify that your Twine is working correctly.